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- When the site was static, they use to respawn after 1 - 2 hours. Though with the new mechanics the s ...2011.08.28 05:40:00
- The respawn was nerfed at some point because the sites were being farmed. The need to be moved to ex ...2011.08.23 02:53:00
- Edited by: syphurous on 17/08/2011 12:00:26 Which station should he pick up those bookmarks (you're ...2011.08.17 12:00:00
- Cleared a Low Sec Radar with a Helios once. Damn did it take forever. ...2011.08.17 05:36:00
- I have some freed slaves, bastards wont leave my hanger >_> ...2011.08.09 03:27:00
- One Mans set of SS bookmarks is another mans gank. I'm sure the locals will love a set. ...2011.08.09 03:24:00
- Run level 4 missions with a friend, it is an MMO after all. ...2011.08.04 01:20:00
- So long as you are at the station with the agent to start the mission you should be ok. ...2011.07.28 05:31:00
- The person accepting the mission must be at the location to hand it in. It use to be different but w ...2011.07.28 04:50:00
- Edited by: syphurous on 21/07/2011 00:27:22 Thanks ...2011.07.21 00:26:00
- I'd like to see a capital use an acceleration gate,.. ...2011.07.20 13:34:00
- Wait Eve Survival disappears AGAIN, and everyone is doom and gloom ?Anyone contacted ChepeNolon ? Or ...2011.07.17 05:57:00
- Surely someone could put this together on the Evelopedia in a table with the social skills. Make it ...2011.07.12 01:53:00
- Dual RR Domis.Or just get an Ishtar.Or as above, Rattlesnake. ...2011.07.11 02:09:00
- OK, is this a troll? Civilian Gatling Autocannon? One thing I do know, it certainly doesn't need ...2011.07.11 02:05:00

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