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- If I may sum up your post, you're upset because Amarr ships aren't Minmatar ships. Just be glad the ...2011.08.29 02:19:00
- This is an interesting idea. Maybe as a high power module that can only be fitted to a Destroyer, w ...2011.08.27 18:35:00
- Edited by: Jiao Governator on 26/08/2011 20:22:15 Energy Management increases max cap. Energy Syst ...2011.08.26 20:21:00
- Not a bad idea although removing the tier concept and buffs to most Command Ships (other than the Sl ...2011.08.26 18:04:00
- I don't see any reason to make rails the better artillery. I'd rather they went the other way (slig ...2011.08.26 04:02:00
- The Drone loadouts on the Minmatar ships seem fair, or at least the worst way to balance them. Firs ...2011.08.26 02:07:00
- One thing to consider, at least until you get T2 Pulses, is to use named Beams. Tracking is a lot wo ...2011.08.25 21:37:00
- If you don't know which one you want/need, then probably neither is appropriate for you. But there ...2011.08.19 04:00:00
- Related question: do all missile rigs also affect torpedoes?Rigor rigs will not affect Torpedoes. ...2011.08.18 02:39:00
- Edited by: Jiao Governator on 17/08/2011 15:06:23 None of the Caldari HML boats are going to be spe ...2011.08.17 15:05:00
- The answer to the first question is No. You can only change your skill queue from inside the client ...2011.08.16 17:08:00
- Edited by: Jiao Governator on 15/08/2011 15:09:55 Other skills you might want to consider are:It's ...2011.08.15 15:10:00
- Of course, a lot of it depends on what you're going to do with your new main, how soon you want to d ...2011.08.12 15:30:00
- Also if you use Stealth Bombers there is a pretty significant DPS increase from the Cov Ops skill. ...2011.08.11 14:53:00
- common sense would dictate you can't put up a sell order you don't have the cash to fill.... Actuall ...2011.08.10 15:05:00

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