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- The majority doesn't post here because they're too busy playing, and enjoying, the game. It's only t ...2011.08.22 19:38:00
- You're wrong on so many levels that you can only be a troll. ...2011.08.13 20:50:00
- But you're right, the handful of you who actually play this game blah blah blah.There are plenty of ...2011.08.10 22:11:00
- Eve is dying, really, just look at your normal local, you can see it has died off, Eve has lost it ...2011.08.08 15:33:00
- A player's natural inclination is to complain and create drama. Especially here on the forums. I mus ...2011.07.31 22:45:00
- You can also get nice recaps on Eve News24. ...2011.07.31 15:46:00
- For those interested, CCP Soundwave just announced that they will be looking to balance Gallente wea ...2011.07.30 20:37:00
- Gonorrhea is free, but I would not want that either Yeah, because buying optional vanity items from ...2011.07.30 15:19:00
- Thats why my Aurum is going to just sit collecting dust. I will NOT use the NEX store. I will NOT ...2011.07.30 15:16:00
- another example on how everyone complains about free stuff. ^ This. Yet again the forum community p ...2011.07.30 14:36:00
- Not sure what you're point is, Tholan. Are you complaining about receiving free skill books? ...2011.07.29 13:13:00
- Great article. Very fun to read and I look forward to more of White Tree's articles. Thanks for the ...2011.07.28 22:46:00
- Edited by: Red Maiden on 27/07/2011 21:07:37 I listen to a number of EVE podcasts (great for listen ...2011.07.27 21:06:00
- Edited by: Red Maiden on 26/07/2011 13:44:34 Woo hoo, here come the bitter vets with their whine gl ...2011.07.26 13:42:00
- It seems to me there's a deep contradiction in CCP's stance here. The virtual world element of EVE ...2011.07.24 17:56:00

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