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- Up to now I have been sticking to Tengus in our WHs, but last night we did a Legion fleet, I also go ...2011.09.01 00:23:00
- TNC is a corporation focused on life in wormholes, lately it seems more and more people who are just ...2011.08.21 01:03:00
- If you have questions, join our recruitment channel - The Night Crew Recruitment ...2011.08.18 00:56:00
- I agree, I would rather FAX my missions in when complete , rather than talk to them. ...2011.08.13 06:16:00
- I asked a potential recruit today what about our corp appealed to them in their search for a new hom ...2011.08.13 05:11:00
- Why do you play Eve?Its not really about isk, since its just virtual bs money. Its sure not mission ...2011.08.06 02:00:00
- The Recruitment Channel -Question: How important is scanning?Answer: Its crucial to living out in ...2011.08.02 05:46:00
- The Recruitment Channel -Question: Where is your corp based?Answer: 90% of our corp exists in worm ...2011.07.31 06:51:00
- Thune Vorpal,3,27,32,36,88,119,122,171,7 ...2011.07.28 16:07:00
- The Recruitment Channel Questions -Question: What is the general age of your corp members?Answer: ...2011.07.26 04:41:00
- Or the opening of a galactic vagina birthing your starship. ...2011.07.22 07:08:00
- Please stop by our recruitment channel if you have any questions - the night crew recruitment ...2011.07.22 06:38:00
- Looks like we are opening up another wormhole base of operations, this will make 4. Looking for good ...2011.07.08 06:44:00
- I think the thing that scared me most about Eve before even playing was rep it has for everything sc ...2011.07.06 06:04:00
- Be sure to check out our CEO TNT 1 on Enders Black's Podgoo next week for the wormhole summit it's ...2011.06.30 06:51:00

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