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- There are multiple issues ccp are trying to work out and it's a hard balance to strike.If you outfi ...2010.06.21 16:12:00
- How about give it a bonus to Salvaging. A 2x bonus to salvage and then you could drive around behind ...2010.06.16 17:02:00
- Thanks Pasen Haas, I'll make the correction. ...2010.03.30 19:53:00
- Edited by: John Blackthorn on 30/03/2010 19:57:40 The chat channels started to blink with a call to ...2010.03.30 16:23:00
- <--- Posting in a scooter1 thread --->Sure are a lot of bricks laying around... ...2010.03.27 01:42:00
- If still for sale 20.25B ...2010.03.16 16:24:00
- Bump:Your welcome to contact me for inquiry as well, just send mail, may not always accept convo's ( ...2010.02.25 23:08:00
- I don't see any issue with what Shamis has said/done. If a executor and one of the corp ceo's are no ...2010.02.18 17:15:00
- I've flown Huggins for many years now, been one of my most favorite ships to fly. I've never had an ...2010.02.12 21:19:00
- The reason most jamming ships are paperthin is because most people don't tank. Throw in a mwd and al ...2010.01.26 20:47:00
- YES we fail! YES we lost main part of our alliance! Strange, we still on top 20 in official KB dat ...2010.01.08 17:15:00
- If you can't pull together the numbers yourselves, then those numbers have to come from allies. So ...2010.01.07 17:11:00
- Why do they fight? Well because they are a pvp alliance that wants to pvp?You also have to consider, ...2010.01.06 16:25:00
- From a business standpoint ccp does not want to admit how difficult it is to manage the bandwidth re ...2010.01.06 16:13:00
- There was some very good and dedicated members in sot, the problem was leadership was mostly non exi ...2010.01.03 17:46:00

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