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- Edited by: DeMichael Crimson on 10/08/2011 you doin? ...2011.08.10 21:10:00
- Soulbind fail. Go on...... I stand corected, Godbound it is then.The Nex items aren't bound at all ...2011.08.03 17:56:00
- This is your unofficial WH information service calling to inform you that the WH you seek does not e ...2011.07.30 16:41:00
- Just an FYI, if you want a WH with both another WH and known space for it's daily statics, you will ...2011.07.30 16:35:00
- @DexingtonIf I buzz my hair close to the skull and wear bigass aviators, maybe no one will notice I ...2011.07.30 16:32:00
- Oh ya, this chin-hawk and mohawk totally make all the ladies dig me... ...2011.07.30 16:18:00
- I would love to see the nit wits who proposed this crap actually show up and try to defend their sta ...2011.07.18 21:49:00
- To add what Jiska said about Cons, not only will you get visitors from K-space (either through the s ...2011.07.16 06:05:00
- Has it occured to you my dear chap that it is in fact YOUR connection which sucks the *******s of a ...2011.07.15 16:14:00
- The CSM, with the exception of two members, is irked at the idea of high value ores being mined in l ...2011.07.14 21:20:00
- Lots of stuff I liked, but the WH pieces ****ed me off. Removing ABC's from WH's because they are un ...2011.07.14 21:11:00
- 321 shall be victorious ...2011.07.14 20:46:00
- Ya I know the WH outpost/stable WH connection idea would never happen. I just can see certain manner ...2011.07.12 19:13:00
- 2: Wormhole Gates: This feature of the Outpost would be itís shining glory in my opinion. Grant it ...2011.07.11 21:28:00
- So I am a longtime WH resident and figured since I am already wearing my flame ******ent suit I may ...2011.07.11 21:25:00

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