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- Personally I don't see what all the whining about. If you nerf drakes you take away just about the o ...2010.10.31 02:26:00
- The drake doesn't need a nerf,there's perfectly viable counters to it right now. As INIT and PL prov ...2010.10.29 03:07:00
- The problem isn't that drakes need to be nerfed ,it's that the other races don't have a ship equilav ...2010.10.28 07:45:00
- 1: System Blockade units.Right now there too hard to take down boefore they come online without a ma ...2010.10.25 12:05:00
- I may be mistaken about this but I thought carriers in a WH spawned 6 more of the highest value Slee ...2010.10.17 06:54:00
- 1) New Frontiers, a 7-part mission.I loathe that mission with a passion as the damn energy neuting t ...2010.10.17 06:19:00
- For tourney 9,will they be a penalty for acidentally bombing CCP claw,as in tourney 8 some bombers c ...2010.09.09 07:14:00
- Transaction up to 'Rastafari 08'waiting for the isk. ...2010.09.04 03:19:00
- WTS 60-day timecard 620 million ...2010.09.02 22:22:00
- Transaction is up,waiting for it to be confirmed. ...2010.09.01 05:21:00
- WTS 60 day Time-card:620 million. ...2010.09.01 02:32:00
- If a high-sec pirate uses a exploit regarding Concord to kill someone,can that be called carebear te ...2010.08.18 11:07:00
- It didn't tank well vs angels as I struggled to get decent resistances as they do all types of damag ...2010.08.17 12:54:00
- Can a drake tank Serpentis Anomalies and run them effectively? Recently I was doing Angel Sanctums w ...2010.08.16 11:53:00
- I've been experimenting with heavy assault missiles on my drake and it seems to have a range of abou ...2010.08.05 03:14:00

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