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- I was off for the weekend but I've caught up reading this thread now.Deep Pain: Your petition has be ...2011.07.04 06:48:00
- Edited by: GM Lelouch on 30/06/2011 04:27:01 Hello all,I'd like to talk about and clarify our accou ...2011.06.30 04:21:00
- Edited by: GM Lelouch on 01/06/2011 08:48:46 Hello all,Before I get to answering the questions them ...2011.06.01 08:46:00
- Hello there,I've watched the video in the original post in this thread ( ...2010.12.23 16:13:00
- EVElopedia says "Corporations not currently engaged in any war can apply to join an Alliance."If tha ...2010.11.18 20:08:00
- We have taken measures internally to ensure that all current and future GMs are familiar with in-gam ...2010.11.17 17:39:00
- Hello all,I'm the GM tasked with investigating what happened surrounding this war's cancellation. Af ...2010.11.17 17:38:00
- Hello there and thank you for your comments, questions and ideas. I'd like to begin with by clarifyi ...2010.09.21 17:11:00
- Happy birthday dear!And here is the cake: ...2010.05.06 15:57:00
- Edited by: GM Lelouch on 18/02/2013 08:29:22 Addendum by GM Lelouch: This post was originally wri ...2010.04.23 15:51:00

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