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- Picking up loot cans is part of the game content, plain and simple. If it's too troublesome/annoying ...2004.08.11 23:04:00
- Edited by: Fneb on 07/08/2004 23:31:38 While the ATI x800 may have a slight edge over the 6800 in p ...2004.08.07 23:30:00
- I think you'll find that there is just as much whining in nearly every game's forum. Things we're ar ...2004.08.07 23:22:00
- Just my opinion, but it seems that the sentry gun changes can benefit the resourceful pirate. Since ...2004.07.26 23:36:00
- It had occurred to me that CCP had been adding more RP content lately in the form of news articles, ...2004.07.22 02:32:00
- Answer: second computerYou can setup an old computer to surf the boards for next to nothing. ...2004.07.17 05:13:00
- I think it's intended. Personally, I like it better this way. It may not look quite as cool, but it' ...2004.06.17 21:41:00
- I've seen that effect in a few stations too. It can be caused when the 3D model has more than one po ...2004.06.03 15:27:00
- The only way this could work is if the surrendering ship has at least some assurance that they will ...2004.05.21 17:23:00
- Let's see, this feature/exploit exists to help prevent ships from being destroyed if a player CTD up ...2004.05.19 21:08:00
- The game as is it today needs nothing more to ensure the safety of the players who wish not to parti ...2003.07.19 04:00:00
- cool feature! ...2003.07.18 07:09:00
- test ...2003.07.18 07:09:00
- Actually, it's not hard at all in newbieville. There is plenty of ore to be mined with a lowly Probe ...2003.07.15 00:32:00
- If you had been using the 'Save Password' feature prior to the patch, your password is still being s ...2003.07.13 05:43:00

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