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- Ayako,25,33,40,103,113,116,127,157 ...2010.11.25 06:04:00
- A bump for a great corp, awesome isk opportunities and dedicated players. Come and join us, get rich ...2010.10.15 17:47:00
- One thing I have always wondered is how much of a tank you really need for C5 sites.The only think I ...2010.09.21 15:45:00
- Bump for a great bunch of people that know what they are doing, been having a lot of fun with them! ...2010.09.14 15:21:00
- I support this idea. It only makes sense that T3 emerging from WH can be used to their full potentia ...2010.08.11 20:09:00
- Back in the game tonight, will try to answer everyone that wrote. Thanks again for the many invites. ...2010.06.11 15:00:00
- This won't be easy for sure! ...2010.06.10 18:04:00
- Morning bump! Had some nice chats so far, keep this coming, very nice indeed. Thanks! ...2010.06.10 12:16:00
- Hello I'm a mature and friendly returnee player that did not play much in the past years but I am ...2010.06.10 02:14:00
- Thank you for the offers, I am looking at what people wrote to me in the game. I'm glad people stepp ...2009.09.23 14:45:00
- Good morning everyone. I am a day 1 player that played for a number of years before leaving the gam ...2009.09.21 14:36:00
- this another, "hey this game is cool but this setup don't work cuz it doesn't fit the ...2004.10.18 15:50:00
- Take away a hi-slot, lo-slot, and 10% of it's pg and you can have a 2nd mid-slot.Sure, adjustments w ...2004.10.18 15:22:00
- Hello Fellow Eve Players! As you can see, I'm a Gallente that should really be an Amarr because I j ...2004.10.18 15:10:00
- I see people that claim to warp in at 15 km and blast everything apart with Mega Pulses...but how do ...2004.09.30 18:47:00

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