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- Edited by: Cereah on 11/09/2009 23:54:09 Sure, reward me for killing my various alts, and my friend ...2009.09.11 23:54:00
- No but I'm not very observant. I only noticed yesterday that missile trail colours are the same as ...2009.09.10 15:16:00
- Im not in the UK but I find most every game store has it but most of them dont put it on the shelves ...2009.09.06 14:33:00
- Edited by: Louis deGuerre on 01/09/2009 14:22:58 I'm a bit unsure if you just want to die or want t ...2009.09.01 14:58:00
- Hey hows about this...?Do what I do and save two different fighting overview settings. One that show ...2009.08.27 16:49:00
- Im goin with 514 planets in which the DUST universe will be able to wage war over. ...2009.08.26 17:24:00
- Edited by: Cereah on 26/08/2009 14:43:07 I'm sure chribba enjoys the game just as much as the rest ...2009.08.26 14:43:00
- Not necessarily an easter egg, but Im a big fan of the system called 'Old Man Star' ...2009.08.17 13:48:00
- Oh, there is sand somewhereYea pretty sure its in the OP's Mangina. Id be sore too after spending th ...2009.08.11 13:58:00
- I use Firefox and have to log in usually twice to just post or reply. Then I go away and dont come b ...2009.06.16 20:06:00
- Old Man Star... translated means Old Man Star ...2009.06.05 15:34:00
- You guys are doing an AWESOME JOB of not answering the OP's question. Id like to know too but I've n ...2009.05.24 23:08:00
- Please for the love of gawd take the words CLEAR and SKIES out of your Topics Title. It's very decei ...2009.05.17 19:47:00
- I have one Combat account and one industrial account. The industrial one can fly hulks, and destroye ...2009.04.25 01:52:00
- I had a problem like that on my laptop. Would ask me to reset the settings everytime I started it an ...2009.04.25 01:45:00

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