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- Too many corps out there full of epeeners who won't help each other out, Fusen isn't one of those. W ...2011.09.04 21:37:00
- Impy, you sexy German hunk of man flesh, you will be greatly missed. PL definitely don't deserve you ...2011.06.30 10:02:00
- Fearless The Gordon Gekko IssueWhat a stupid movie to emulate your new stratege on, there aren't en ...2011.06.25 09:06:00
- Mine is off too account wide. Give me my ship in station back you wollies! ...2011.06.25 08:34:00
- Edited by: Chewaerae on 13/07/2010 22:38:15 Yesterday yes i was killing someone off the station in ...2010.07.15 02:43:00
- I want Brainz!!!!Wait should I be saying that or should I be Poo Flinging? And what is my motivation ...2009.09.23 12:06:00
- I know you are working on it already, but do you have an estimated time frame for the release of the ...2009.04.19 04:13:00
- Sold no further GTC available for nowEND OF LINE ...2008.10.05 16:36:00
- Edited by: Full Bird on 05/10/2008 16:37:05 Edited by: Full Bird on 05/10/2008 15:47:51 WTS: 1x60d ...2008.10.05 15:47:00
- We are still recruiting and we currently have an emphasis for Miners and Haulers. Contact us and fin ...2008.05.11 10:40:00
- We have found some new members and are lookin for some more. Apply if your interested. ...2008.04.05 07:04:00
- We've had a good turn out but we're still here and looking for more members. ...2008.03.17 08:10:00
- Yes, we are still looking for new members. ...2008.03.16 03:44:00
- We are still recruiting. Please view first post for details. ...2008.03.15 01:06:00
- We continue to be in search of new members. ...2008.03.13 15:32:00

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