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- good idea meat ,,listen up ccp ...2011.02.05 02:45:00
- 59999 ...2010.06.20 17:59:00
- no one knows the answer to my q's above? And you call yourselves a forum!i am not going back to fin ...2010.05.26 16:51:00
- May someone, who can tell me, tell me please? Do I need to re-download Dominion? I already uninstall ...2010.05.26 16:25:00
- ROFL yea got to have your fix for the day ...2010.05.26 16:19:00
- You clownshoes at CCP have to be joking right? This is all you have done since The release of Domini ...2010.05.26 16:12:00
- I am new to game; I have been playing for about 3 weeks. I do not know what to do. Can someone expla ...2010.05.26 16:03:00
- I like the Idea of a 30 day plex given to all that have bothered to add to this thread ...2010.05.25 13:23:00
- ok not good,, sever going down after patch not a good thing , I was in game ,,on a miss surrounded b ...2009.05.19 16:41:00
- the server going down at the worst possable time ,,I was on a miss surrounded by rats with 5 drones ...2009.05.19 16:26:00

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