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- buggy forum ftl.. but basically with the other guys said ...2007.08.20 21:16:00
- Actually planned to drop the 21.085b in a seperate division, but can't do that as a regular employee ...2007.08.16 07:27:00
- Oh About AATP.. AATP also was quite active, till the CEO ran off, at that moment we arranged outsour ...2007.08.15 18:52:00
- My alt is Yukari Tanizaki and will be running for CEO as soon as I log on.Vote completed, Yukari is ...2007.08.14 22:07:00
- DS is running for CEO, if the vote passes (I won't be voting) I will transfer all remaining assets t ...2007.08.13 20:56:00
- DS has been accepted to AATP, he owns ennough shares to run for CEO and a shareholder vote should cl ...2007.08.13 20:14:00
- 5 more hours for roles...ATM 21b in cashcapital and 6b in operational wallet, total 27b cashflow + w ...2007.08.11 21:05:00
- 7.39b dividends paidAssets: 21b BPO Capital 9k HT shares 300 STUFF Shares ...2007.07.10 20:57:00
- Edited by: EMFI AATP on 10/07/2007 19:22:26 As to DS question..To take over AATP need to do 2 thing ...2007.07.10 19:21:00
- As for AATPs Assets... They are 4fold:1) Stuff shares (backed by isk in STUFF that DS should return ...2007.07.10 19:19:00
- Statements are correct, AATP Divies are paid when the other corps pay, this could mean slight delays ...2007.04.11 09:00:00
- Correct, Though since AATP income comes from other monthly payments (STUFF, HT and CAPII club) somet ...2007.04.07 15:18:00
- Yeh, well to be honest you might as well not vote.. at least that is the way it goes for me.. histor ...2007.03.08 20:08:00
- Edited by: EMFI AATP on 08/03/2007 10:26:44 Just a statement from the current trustees.Femintaki an ...2007.03.08 09:21:00
- Seems to be different behaviour for "free form" votes. like lockdowns show if 4% voted, freeform ver ...2007.03.08 09:03:00

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