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- Edited by: Mark Grahme on 25/05/2011 09:24:33 I was able to fix it!!as you log in press SHIFT+BACKS ...2011.05.25 09:11:00
- Both of my toons are.... somewhere, no idea where, log says they warp, but to where I have no idea, ...2011.05.25 08:48:00
- and to add to the confusion is down also, makes ...2011.05.07 01:22:00
- mmk? ...2011.04.30 22:41:00
- Starting up 5,4,3,2,1, (less than a second) Starting up 5,4,3,2,1, (less than a second) Starti ...2011.04.30 05:29:00
- Was up for me just now but completely unplayable, kept pausing every 30seconds for about 30 seconds, ...2011.04.26 05:38:00
- noticed this when I loaded the module, looks fine in inventory but this is what happens when loaded ...2011.04.26 05:05:00
- Location: Synchelle I, Federal Navy Academy 15km from dockName: Velator, Pye MaePlease remove your a ...2011.04.21 18:06:00
- links do not work? ...2011.04.14 18:36:00
- Strip miners are screwed, turn it off and it keeps going till the cycle is through, and since it has ...2011.04.07 00:07:00
- the hamster tripped, server back up ...2011.03.29 20:30:00
- I'm trading, buying low, selling high, just started out so I have a low overhead (20mil), spent most ...2011.03.19 19:27:00
- so I have to move 300k or plagioclase 1 jump, 33190 at a time? I think I need a bigger boat...(itero ...2011.03.19 19:20:00
- I have an interesting problem I need help with. I bought some items from station "a" and want to sel ...2011.03.19 19:12:00

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