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- I'd argue that the degree of emergence a given ruleset allows for is determined by the breadth of it ...2010.02.26 17:12:00
- On the topic of empire planet development... there are plenty of historical precedents for this. ...2010.02.22 23:56:00
- Edited by: Shira d''Radonis on 20/02/2010 18:00:32 Edited by: Shira d''Radonis on 20/02/2010 17:58: ...2010.02.20 17:46:00
- Edited by: Shira d''Radonis on 20/11/2008 18:40:28 I hadn't thought about this, but it's a good ide ...2008.11.20 18:39:00
- I may be misunderstanding, but isn't this essentially what the next-gen ships are intended to look l ...2008.11.19 19:10:00
- You won't have to walk in stations to talk to agents. They've been fairly clear that everything you ...2008.11.19 16:05:00
- Do you really need more proof of the failure of democracy? You should be embracing your people´s ...2008.06.19 20:42:00
- If you all believe this was the work of the Minmatar, you're honestly bigger fools than I could've ...2008.06.12 18:18:00
- Edited by: Archbishop on 11/06/2008 02:28:51The law stated the heirs who were not elevated to Empero ...2008.06.11 03:07:00
- It's ridiculous for the Gallente to be satisfied with a chunk of another country's sovereign space i ...2008.06.11 02:18:00
- Cowardice?! I think not! Are you aware that the Federation Senate unanimously passed a declarati ...2008.06.10 23:27:00
- It has been quite clearly shown that the security of all nations is already a matter that they reall ...2008.06.10 23:23:00
- Edited by: Shira d''Radonis on 10/06/2008 23:13:56 War is not something that we seek. The policies ...2008.06.10 23:12:00
- *snorts* Perhaps she will say that God snatched her from imminent death and replaced her body wit ...2008.06.10 23:04:00
- It's amazing how quickly the laws of God go out the window when the outcome you want presents itself ...2008.06.10 20:31:00

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