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- I approve of this service.Keef always making life interesting See ya around old friend. ...2011.06.24 02:24:00
- Been red to you for a long time, blue for a short while before that. Enjoyed every moment of it. CH ...2010.09.16 02:34:00
- New alliance, slightly different home but still getting into just , if not a whole lot more, trouble ...2010.06.21 23:01:00
- Thorn Syndicate core group of guys been hanging around each other for over 3 years now. We are the l ...2010.06.11 19:34:00
- Well here is the quick and dirty of Thorn Syndicate ...2010.02.14 03:01:00
- Takes a certain kind of person to hold a corp/alliance together for as long as you have and not go m ...2009.06.23 03:26:00
- CCP has said they have banned what 70+ accounts already?Don't want or need to know the exact names b ...2008.12.11 18:57:00
- I'd really like my recon 5 minmater pilot to be useful ...2008.07.27 06:21:00
- Having flown with these guys a bit these past couple months I can tell ya if your looking for a grou ...2008.05.24 17:44:00
- Edited by: Ender Fal on 17/01/2008 17:24:54 Buy from this lemming. Quick <12 hours and best prices ...2008.01.17 17:23:00
- 1. Fix Lag 2. Corp hangar managment changes 3. Really just want the stuff promised for the past ye ...2008.01.12 17:17:00
- Hey Frig gangs are great fun. No huge risk for the figgies. Target practice for the carriers. ...2007.12.20 06:35:00
- O you mean the guy in rising sun? Comms goes ok no one undock but Derran. Freaking nubs undock in ...2007.12.20 06:22:00
- Yada, yada, yada, I want hookers and beer!!!!Yea and we wanted a dead cat a few months ago. Look ...2007.12.20 05:31:00
- I led a KOS fleet against a Bastage cap ship once (Thanatos). Meh, I knew that he'd just dock if th ...2007.12.20 04:58:00

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