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- I have my 5 numbers now, all sorted out by T'Amber thank you very much.Finger's crossed ...2010.06.08 14:25:00
- Sent 50m for 5 tickets - checked the 'ships of eve' ticket finder and only 1 ticket has been issued? ...2010.06.07 13:17:00
- English born and living in Rissa with bf who is Norwegian, would love to meet for A (that would be o ...2007.12.21 19:44:00
- Ruoska that is a lovely story....:)I hope your mom carries on playing ...2007.12.19 14:38:00
- I have had the same thing, I am having an ok spell at the moment after cleaning out my casing from a ...2007.12.15 09:02:00
- I actually sent a petition yesterday because i could not see any chat about ship sales in the ships ...2007.11.27 12:10:00
- Congratulations to Phyllis for the winning bid of 2.2b, contract raised and thank you again to every ...2007.11.25 12:09:00
- 2 hours left on this auction and the bid so far stands at 2.1bThe winning bidder will have the contr ...2007.11.25 10:09:00
- thank you all so far, still 24 hours to go and the bid stands at 2b ...2007.11.24 10:59:00
- Thank you to all the people who have sent in game mails offering a buy out value however the auction ...2007.11.23 16:57:00
- If my previous post was not clear enough then I will repeat.No in game bids will be accepted.This it ...2007.11.23 04:48:00
- thank you for your opening offer, having just had a rogue in game buyout offer from a 2 day old alt ...2007.11.22 16:21:00
- I guess to be correct I should have put WTA as this is obviously an auction, however I hope that a s ...2007.11.22 16:18:00
- Edited by: ghanimede on 23/11/2007 04:47:17 Edited by: ghanimede on 22/11/2007 16:18:43 Quake Medi ...2007.11.22 15:08:00
- 9. 26k 10. 30k 11. 26k ...2007.05.12 09:10:00

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