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- As far as I'm concerned the "tiny roid" issue is just like the absolutely crappy loot tables. Both ...2003.08.24 07:53:00
- Ok I know there are places in the Genesis Region that are different from the normal Stations, Astero ...2003.08.01 08:45:00
- Well the Back-Story for the game is very good. And the Universe itself is quite vast. I appreciate ...2003.08.01 08:21:00
- AFAIK Tech Level 2 was supposed to be arrived at by researching Tech Level 1.... and so on. The Dev ...2003.08.01 08:03:00
- Hi there FreeSTYLE - I don't have issues with the Account Management pages. But I have noticed that ...2003.07.31 00:31:00
- Any petition filled under that "Other" catagory takes at least 3 days for the first reponse. Since ...2003.07.30 15:06:00
- Well if this "event" is something like the Introduction of Titans ok! Fine with me. If it's the in ...2003.07.21 23:28:00
- I know that some drops now are tech lvl 2. But the idea was for us to be able to achieve tech level ...2003.07.21 22:54:00
- Now I can see why they are wanting to RP the introduction of Tech Level 2. I mean one of the most f ...2003.07.21 22:34:00
- Yes! Production Efficiency is now available everywhere for 250k ISK. :D ...2003.07.11 03:52:00
- Askari I feel you pain. I considered the Manufacturing profile but my "better half" gave me the sco ...2003.07.11 03:08:00
- To my knowledge this kind of thing happened twice to Praetorian Republic members. I feel very stron ...2003.07.07 17:40:00
- well I just wanted to drop a bit of ore out of my Bestower to make a warp marker for the next trip.. ...2003.07.06 01:07:00
- StoreSlem neither is the Gallente "damage bonus" However I just have one minor issue with the late ...2003.07.06 00:49:00
- well I for one agree to an extent. killing of easy rates could offer slightly more than 0.00001 inc ...2003.07.04 12:53:00

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