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- Helicity is a ridiculous crybaby who went looking for a permaban so he could martyr himself in front ...2011.08.08 09:57:00
- This is indeed poor customer service.Rule 1. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS CORRECT.You've never actually wo ...2011.08.08 09:50:00
- How about a gun that bans people from posting on the forums?give hybrids an ammo type which translat ...2011.08.06 12:16:00
- :getout: ...2011.08.05 16:12:00
- The current CSM is an abysmal failure much like your posting ...2011.08.04 23:56:00
- 10m EHP on a supercarrier would be silly, that's 4 doomsdays to alphastrike it. All you'd achieve is ...2011.06.03 16:40:00
- Incarna will be abandoned a month after release just like every other expansion ...2011.06.01 23:01:00
- Perhaps they should also, on top of increasing super cap fuel cost and mineral build cost, double th ...2011.05.31 14:55:00
- coloured text, didn't read. ...2011.05.31 14:47:00
- From the horse's mouth:Well... basically caps are balanced (more or less) and supercaps are imbalanc ...2011.05.31 14:43:00
- Wasn't CCP intending to do something like this for Evelopedia? I'm pretty sure it was mentioned duri ...2011.05.31 11:18:00
- I think I'll leave this little article... here. Devs had better start making some major progress, t ...2011.05.30 22:38:00
- Buff supercarriers ...2011.05.30 15:14:00
- Pirate (or "broken", if you prefer) truesec still applies in the same way as it did before. ...2011.05.30 15:11:00
- I can't be bothered to go to the channels that the CSM is using for communication, I demand that the ...2011.05.29 23:22:00

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