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- didnt like the new layout so think ill stick with these forums ...2011.09.08 22:32:00
- isnt that what a recruitment channel is for.... spamming recruitment mails?... i could be wrong howe ...2011.09.03 20:16:00
- *gassoline at the ready* so, what do i get to burn? ...2011.09.03 18:06:00
- RMR was a great Era indeed, but i also thought Apocrapha was the most complete expansion they have h ...2011.09.03 14:56:00
- Confirming this is happening in both Mid and low slots also, had to reactivate an AB on my Domi and ...2011.09.02 16:23:00
- Sorry about that, link updated now works :-P ...2011.09.01 16:28:00
- Edited by: ITTigerClawIK on 01/09/2011 16:32:11 Edited by: ITTigerClawIK on 01/09/2011 16:27:43 so ...2011.09.01 16:23:00
- Has everyone noticed that one of the patch notes heralds the death of the session change timer when ...2011.09.01 14:34:00
- its one guy dude, agianst your 3 accounts, man up and obliterate him for crying out loud.also, knig ...2011.08.31 15:22:00
- Life time subs have a way of popping up, when an MMO is on it's last legs. We are far from that stag ...2011.08.21 12:57:00
- Delayed? But, but, but.... what about NEX. That's a massive expansion with tons of new content. Wh ...2011.08.21 12:20:00
- to first quote wikipedia.A covert operation (also known as CoveOps or covert ops) is a military, int ...2011.08.19 13:59:00
- of all the dev blogs out there , this one had to have been the least informative so far, next to the ...2011.08.19 12:23:00
- curius how it really causes lag and i do agree that i want the standings towards NPC's back in show ...2011.08.18 23:49:00
- ok this is just my personal opinion but i think the currant way that the CQ ship focus is right now ...2011.08.18 23:46:00

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