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- I endorse this song ...2008.08.15 14:26:00
- Travel in groups.Never go into LowSec. :)Nanofiber structure mods.Microdrive afterburners.Lots of l ...2008.06.12 16:59:00
- I couldn't find this out anywhere for the life of me. What does CBD stand for? If it doesn't officia ...2008.06.02 16:44:00
- May I just say, this has been a remarkably pleasant and informative discussion of EvE, and I've quit ...2008.05.13 17:32:00
- Not everyone is tied into COAD or played for more than a year. It's good to know these things and to ...2008.04.28 18:37:00
- There's no compulsion to go to low sec. You only go to Ravenholme when you have to, so, if you don' ...2008.04.01 16:06:00
- I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I will just point out that PotBS has a rather unique ...2008.02.01 17:01:00
- Lynelle is a great boss and solid corp officer. Interested persons should fly immediately to her cau ...2008.01.14 18:22:00
- Yeap I just dropped also. Haven't seen this error msg before. ...2007.12.20 10:40:00
- You may or may not know that there is an AFK Corporation as well. They've beat you to this punchline ...2007.11.19 19:10:00
- Aaron, was it a LogiTech mouse? I have one of those high-speed Logitech gaming optical mouses (mice? ...2007.10.24 15:02:00
- See here. ...2007.10.23 15:58:00
- Hmm I don't have that. I have the thing that adjusts whether if has your character portrait next to ...2007.10.17 18:57:00
- When you start berating yourself for wasting six hours of training time because the skill you just s ...2007.08.28 17:48:00
- thanks! ...2007.08.26 17:55:00

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