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- I only ever hire slavers for my crews. That way, the cloud of losing a ship always has a silver lini ...2011.02.15 11:09:00
- Excellent service, everything worked as it should - I'm happy to recommend seller ...2007.03.15 19:46:00
- I for one would welcome this. The other night, I ordered a copy of 'Rock Hard Hunks' for a girls' ni ...2005.12.19 15:43:00
- After several hours of gentle persuasion on my part, the girls of Hell's Cheerleaders have coughed u ...2005.10.11 18:41:00
- A victory for God was had as the local residents heard the true words of God.We may well have heard ...2005.09.23 15:06:00
- I'll be there, I could use some yucks ...2005.09.21 11:49:00
- Nice try, but the Gallente already have the, erm, 'dungeons for specialist tastes' market pretty muc ...2005.08.11 08:13:00
- Gotta get my yucks somewhere... ...2005.07.23 08:28:00
- The base point still stands, we know God watches over His childrenBut apparently not over his Empero ...2005.07.23 08:02:00
- So when you're down in the domain region next time, please consider the Sarum Family Activity Center ...2005.07.16 09:05:00
- The SPCS serves many functions, now if only the emperor would allow the SPCS to have some more offic ...2005.06.11 23:39:00
- Edited by: Tess Durbeyfield on 04/06/2005 23:56:30OK, despicable as they are, I can at least underst ...2005.06.04 23:53:00
- Help us oh Lord to find the right path.Don't Amarrian ships have an autopilot? ...2005.05.17 21:56:00
- * note to self *Stay off the Galnet until fully caffeinated and aware of what day it is ...2005.04.01 18:34:00
- Edited by: Tess Durbeyfield on 01/04/2005 07:14:03 The GLB is proud to announce its acceptance int ...2005.04.01 07:11:00

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