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- That was awesome ...2009.12.22 10:58:00
- There is only one answer to this and its the Maelstrom. The best tank/dps ratio of any ship and the ...2009.11.08 04:49:00
- active tank combined with a crystal set is how i would fit a tengu if i wasn't such a cheap ass.... ...2009.11.07 19:24:00
- If you are flying in a gang sure go for buffer but if you intend to fly solo i would go with somethi ...2009.11.07 07:26:00
- 100k.... i would probally use some on a very expensive pc and a better screen. The rest i would spen ...2009.10.30 14:10:00
- I don't fly any hybrid bs so can't say anything about large blasters or rails but I love flying my b ...2009.09.29 14:13:00
- Im planning to go for a rokh at some point, but as i mostly fly solo when doing pvp. Thus i concentr ...2009.09.28 05:39:00
- Melted snowballs ...2009.09.26 06:26:00
- I love the cyclone but the "average" cyclone appearance in pvp videos is a poor noob in lowsec ratti ...2009.09.16 19:30:00
- I like that you guy's finally is giving some love to the gila, i love that ship. But drones.... I wo ...2009.09.12 23:04:00
- Edited by: Comrade Bliss on 07/09/2009 01:04:36 Amarr: Harbinger Caldari: Drake Gallente: Brutix ...2009.09.07 01:03:00
- Edited by: Comrade Bliss on 29/08/2009 14:34:23 I like it. Got my vote ...2009.08.29 05:44:00
- Awesome vid, i really enjoyed to see the hugin being the star in a vid for once ...2009.06.29 19:10:00
- The Drake is a very nice ship, very good dps especially if you overheat but you need to fit it right ...2009.06.27 03:50:00
- So if one wasnt prepared to sacrifice a mid slot for a target painter or have some one in your gang ...2009.03.17 12:05:00

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