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- Engineering a 'good' fight for the final, removing any competative instinct, shame on you. ...2011.06.19 22:44:00
- DubStep + Eve = Win. ...2011.01.10 15:59:00
- Some great great stuff in this vid, although a little pop up shaming the drake pilot would have been ...2010.12.17 11:25:00
- Bitter vets will always be bitter vets, change is welcome in my book.So what if noobs get a helping ...2010.11.29 22:31:00
- 'That was my only ship...'Beautiful, simply beautiful. I tip my hat gents. ...2010.11.05 03:19:00
- Please tell me there is fraps of this.GHSC events are the best events ...2010.11.03 14:14:00
- EDIT: No dammit, then why does it recharge nonlinearly?Because of Icelandic folk magic.Fixed ...2010.09.15 11:51:00
- Sounds like there's a lot of fun to be had in WH space, good for you guys. Nice BRs Ive had more fun ...2010.09.08 10:36:00
- It clearly has to be Zombie inc, no other group has ever made game mechanics change after just one i ...2010.08.04 11:46:00
- i started june 03, i am the original owner, unfortunately working at sea isnt so good for training, ...2010.08.04 11:38:00
- I started playing a few weeks after Eve was released a long 7 years ago, back then Eve was rough as ...2010.08.03 12:35:00
- Contract is up. ...2010.06.27 11:33:00
- Auction has ended and Selene as the only bidder you are the winner, thank you for bidding and as soo ...2010.06.27 11:04:00
- CCP are adding Dust to the eve universe, what other games add to a universe with new games linked to ...2010.06.26 11:14:00
- Thank you for bidding here, also daily bump ...2010.06.26 11:03:00

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