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- I joined some days ago. This is a great corp with some ambitious goals and means to reach them! I a ...2010.08.21 15:32:00
- HiI am 41 yo and I have been playing eve since June 2009. I have two characters: one is in R&D, T2 p ...2010.08.17 07:37:00
- Well I think we are all learning from our mistakes. So I bet server will be up at ... 13:15! ...2010.06.29 11:41:00
- This looks like an awesome software. I am going to test it. ...2009.12.31 13:40:00
- Greetings all,I explore and find some good sites I would like to share with other members of the cor ...2009.12.28 07:23:00
- Thanks for your replies. I will revert to you. ...2009.11.26 14:10:00
- Hi all,I started to play EVE some 4 months ago and really enjoyed it. I am focusing on Mining/ Manuf ...2009.11.25 18:55:00
- This is a great product. Thanks a lot.However, I have a doubt. In the T1 production profit calculati ...2009.11.23 06:00:00
- I am using this site : ...2009.10.17 04:34:00
- Still looking for members :-) ...2009.10.13 05:24:00
- Just thanks a lot for your awesome work! ...2009.10.11 06:49:00
- Come chat in our public chat: ICSS Public. ...2009.10.04 19:07:00
- Really a great corp! Join us! ...2009.10.02 13:33:00
- Bump for a great bunch of people.Very friendly and skilled people. As a noob in the game, I learned ...2009.09.27 13:11:00
- I would suggest to introduce "quality". A better quality of ore will produce a better quality materi ...2009.09.19 12:56:00

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