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- Dear CCP. I know these are confusing times, and your coders aren't the best. But don't you think acc ...2011.08.09 09:56:00
- When it comes to guns, the first stept in totalitarianism is to disarm the population.You did not ju ...2011.05.17 03:26:00
- I'm sorry but it's not possible to cancel.Jesus christ your avatar is horrific.O'rly?Your char looks ...2011.05.09 05:13:00
- I8-DOG ...2011.05.09 05:01:00
- Or will a bubble that far out not catch them ?Pretty sure around 100km from the warpin is the maxi ...2011.05.07 20:18:00
- Oh did i? Well i don't think much of it, This should really tell you something about your own posti ...2011.05.07 00:44:00
- Some very nice ideas here, CCP take notes! ...2011.04.26 10:17:00
- Kronos is an awesome ship if not flown be complete idiots. ...2011.04.22 20:07:00
- Some people have no vision. ...2011.04.22 19:34:00
- Wow that military grade railgun is frightening. Aliens better invade us soon or we're going to have ...2011.04.19 18:18:00
- You can rep your own drones with armor/shield bots. ...2011.04.18 19:16:00
- Really you should have an insta BM for every station you use regularly. (and vary the distances of t ...2011.04.18 11:27:00
- Also have you never been to Jita? Jita 4-4 has another station on grid. It's about 1300 km away bu ...2011.04.16 11:14:00
- Perhaps they have messed up the sensor strenght, perhaps not. But I still think the fundamental prob ...2011.04.14 20:47:00
- Another way of fooling them is using two characters Accept the contract with one char, trade the pa ...2011.04.12 14:09:00

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