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- Looking primarily at the harder sites, such as the mag with 3 sleeper BSs, what defence and dps woul ...2011.08.25 23:28:00
- How often are sites seen spawning in w-systems on say a weekly basis? How many new mag / radar / gr ...2011.08.24 00:14:00
- I've been searching for a W-system to set up a pos in and live in for just under 2 weeks now, scanni ...2011.08.21 00:09:00
- Is it possible to sustain a large pos' PI fuels with 1 character in w-space? ...2011.08.10 02:37:00
- How often would a C1 W-space system get random WH spawns to other C1/C2 systems? Since C1s only hav ...2011.08.07 20:56:00
- What about living in a C1 solo? ...2011.08.05 17:28:00
- ^Is it worth it/a good idea? The 2 major ops I would be doing is PI (for some of the fuel) and runn ...2011.08.05 16:31:00
- Ok, one more question I have is, what tower to use for just pure defence? Amarr with lasers or Minm ...2011.08.05 03:33:00
- I just realized that... So could a medium tower loaded up on defenses survive a raid in C2/C3 space? ...2011.08.04 21:00:00
- Edited by: BattlefieldBob on 04/08/2011 20:54:36 I'm considering setting up a POS in WH space. A me ...2011.08.04 20:36:00
- I am interested in seeing how profitable solo C2s are, and im wondering what ships/fits work well to ...2011.07.29 22:32:00
- Any preferences for pve or pvp? ...2011.01.26 19:00:00
- Open. ...2010.12.12 19:41:00
- Recruiting. ...2010.12.11 18:46:00
- Still open. ...2010.12.10 21:54:00

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