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- If you are after pvp action with childish behavior and people taking ship lost really personal then ...2010.07.15 16:48:00
- This thread got derailed by the first response post. Nice job Tippia! ...2010.07.15 14:38:00
- Edited by: Doccia Ellicis on 15/07/2010 14:27:01 Gypsio's excellent post outlined the problem. The ...2010.07.15 14:27:00
- Lonewolf is a great FC. ...2010.07.15 14:17:00
- yes ...2010.07.10 13:30:00
- Man that looks friggin cool. Looks as if you can control your ships robots manually too? (But seriou ...2010.07.10 13:29:00
- How do you disable the station drop-down menus and labels in the System Map UI? They are very annoyi ...2010.06.29 14:45:00
- killing towers in highsec is already really easy. you want to make it even easier?lolwut. ...2010.06.23 00:48:00
- If you are afraid that he may strike when you are not expecting it, then his plan is working.If you ...2010.06.22 14:43:00
- As long as there is a method to generate a constant amount of currency not dictated by the current m ...2010.06.22 14:37:00
- s u p p o r t e d ...2010.06.22 14:31:00
- Link is NSFW. Please learn some linking etiquette, OP! Just stop surfing online game forums while at ...2010.06.22 14:22:00
- Link is NSFW. Please learn some linking etiquette, OP! Glad I saw this before opening the link :/ ...2010.06.22 13:31:00
- If I can hijack this thread, I want to know which ship is this one: ...2010.06.22 13:10:00
- Problem with the mass values is that they are so low. Seriously, a cannon the size of a house has a ...2010.06.22 13:03:00

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