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- we used to be able to fit torps in heavy launchers (H-50) way-way way back. We had splash damage bac ...2007.06.19 16:11:00
- I see three problems. 1. you thought out of the box. Good. 2. You put it on the forum. Bad. 3. It ...2007.06.14 21:01:00
- I like the idea of combining the bonuses off of logistics ships with the bonuses of the fleet comman ...2007.05.18 17:08:00
- i build small catapults out of pencils, rubber bands, and plastic spoons and then mark out targets d ...2007.05.11 21:56:00
- With very very very good skills and some missile velocity rigs it might be possible the break the 10 ...2007.05.11 21:42:00
- Edited by: Baru Pel on 10/05/2007 19:56:09 If I understand the issue correctly and have gathered fr ...2007.05.10 19:55:00
- sadly no they don't. it would be really nasty if the shield/armor passive skills effected rigs tho. ...2007.05.09 21:50:00
- Since we are in a prayin' mood.Hail TomB, Full of Grace, The Raven is with th33. Blessed art th0u ...2007.05.09 16:11:00
- Worm (40 mil) 2 DG Rocket launchers (40 mil) 2 DG 125mm Railguns (20 mil) 1 DG Med Shield Booste ...2007.05.01 16:48:00
- I think the real root of you question is not really about the cal. of a gun, but more the sig. resol ...2007.04.30 18:34:00
- Funny, I had a corpm8 that went to motsu on saturday (gmt-5) and said it seemed fine. he was just pi ...2007.04.30 16:41:00
- Did you notice that Cap Flux Coils also reduce the size of your cap? ...2007.04.23 18:24:00
- Edited by: Baru Pel on 11/04/2007 16:48:56 So you are looking for a mod that would either a) incr ...2007.04.11 16:52:00
- For L3's 5 T2 250mm railguns AM/Thor/Lead/Ir/Spike 2 T2 Assault Launchers std/rage/jav2 T2 Passive ...2007.03.26 20:22:00

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