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- XTried to dock 2 clients at the same crashed my computer ;-( Might look at the Gallente C ...2011.07.26 01:45:00
- Edited by: Morgs44 on 17/07/2011 03:58:44 I loved this game, back in the old days when it use to be ...2011.07.17 03:58:00
- What changes are going to be made to PI thats going to make it worth fighting for to need to use dus ...2011.07.12 07:31:00
- We could give the CCP employee some really nice kangaroo's to rid to work as well. ...2011.06.28 04:01:00
- Although most of agree we don't want to see Gold Plated God Mode Scorpians that shoot Rainbow Torps ...2011.06.27 14:38:00
- So he's giving real life examples a... Well my brand name pants don't cost the same a 33 space shut ...2011.06.25 01:24:00
- Im going to buy a PS3 to play dust! Then 'Im going to send a few thousand dollars to this Nigeria c ...2011.06.08 08:51:00
- They need to remake the Eve Online Forever trailer.. Dust player wont have to worry about dreads an ...2011.06.07 01:29:00
- Have a non-televised tournament for those who did not get into the "Premier League" Top Prize cash o ...2011.05.23 04:30:00
- Its Saturady here and we are all here and yes all the Christian are here as i am one of them (not on ...2011.05.21 00:52:00
- When you first login to the game you see your characters all standing there. What needs to be added ...2011.04.05 04:43:00
- For bounty hunting to be a profession it needs to be sustainable and profitable (well somewhat). ...2011.01.15 03:26:00
- WOW this is really great news!!!....for the few thousand American Eve players that live in those are ...2010.12.10 11:19:00
- 2 tickets for me! First ones is the winning tickets, the other is just so the lottery closes quicke ...2010.11.08 06:56:00
- bump ...2010.10.09 14:04:00

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