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- There is some ETA when they will be avaliable? Kind of disapointing to not have a face for people ...2011.01.23 17:00:00
- Does it mean that players who mine are actually mining to build their stuff and not to sell to marke ...2011.01.23 15:42:00
- Edited by: Hakkar''al Gallente on 23/01/2011 08:56:26 At the end of the day, how much money can one ...2011.01.23 12:57:00
- 8/10 ...2011.01.23 03:05:00
- Thank you to the both of you. The Rokh for mining is a very good idea.At least it seems so until you ...2011.01.23 00:56:00
- Who is fugly now? ...2011.01.20 10:14:00
- 0.o? ...2011.01.18 17:05:00
- By the way, remember to use a destroyer with tractor beams and salvagers to salvage after popping al ...2011.01.18 03:01:00
- Some suggestions:Minmatar/Caldari = Mordu's LegionBonus 1: 15% Range bonus to Stasis webs Bonus 2: ...2011.01.17 16:05:00
- Edited by: Pan Dora on 17/01/2011 14:53:17then you truely have no idea what your talking about. Than ...2011.01.17 14:52:00
- A good corp will take anyone that have something to add and its not an ashole. If you can offer mo ...2011.01.17 13:57:00
- I mean, how the hell do you say "PNQY-Y"?? pnq and forget the rest That wold be "pê ene quê" for ...2011.01.17 11:21:00
- Personaly I dont see the need of this, but also dont see any problem with this being added to the ...2011.01.17 11:04:00
- Now this would be great! Ramming speed! Why else have a big ass ship tbh? :PHonestly, if cap ship de ...2011.01.17 11:00:00
- My advice? Get everyone in corp into cheap T1 gank frigates, destroyers, and cruisers and go blow ...2011.01.17 10:58:00

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