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- I do have to say, I have fought with and against Collective for a very long time now. I want to say ...2010.09.24 12:41:00
- One to me please. ...2010.06.12 02:47:00
- Proton Power, I'm not seeing any bet from you to Craps4 at all..This character :) ...2010.02.07 16:29:00
- I am currently looking for a corp/alliance to join up with. I have been around for a few years, bee ...2009.12.08 23:44:00
- How many you looking for and at what price, I may have a few ...2009.10.17 00:43:00
- Not sure how you come to this conclusion but understand your frustration. The plan of this compan ...2009.10.15 15:49:00
- You've setup a nice third party checks with auditors and accountants. But I have to ask, who is runn ...2009.10.15 02:47:00
- Edited by: DeathGrip on 15/10/2009 02:43:34Good luck with your new venture. Have you considered usi ...2009.10.15 02:40:00
- Everything looks fairly on track. I hope to finialize my draft, and get some reservations going lat ...2009.10.14 12:56:00
- I have made my choices.My auditors will be: Poison HexxxYour responsibilities will be - After the ...2009.10.14 00:19:00
- How risky do you think this is? If one was to be cynical about it, one might say that this is a way ...2009.10.13 22:50:00
- Seems I may have an auditor, but looking for others as well, and still need an accountant. Keep the ...2009.10.13 22:35:00
- Hopefully don't miss anything -*Each Segmant will change, meaning once an item does it's full turnov ...2009.10.13 19:51:00
- For those that don't know me, this is Proton Power and Evalf. Suggestions, Comments always welcome. ...2009.10.13 18:29:00
- If no else one knows, I assume KIA leadership does because they would need to know that before they ...2009.10.12 23:25:00

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