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- I've had mixed results with this, some characters return only the system name, others return the ful ...2011.09.06 12:51:00
- TEST does have something like this, it uses the in-game calendar API for its items and does some spe ...2011.08.30 08:46:00
- USL will probably be limited to in-house projects such as Gate, I doubt this will be accessible for ...2011.07.13 09:01:00
- Oh Joe, what have you done now? ...2011.06.28 13:29:00
- Nothing wrong with hating TEST, hell I hate TEST. ...2011.06.27 23:54:00
- Good god ...2011.06.26 19:58:00
- Fffffuuuu, I thought it would be a clean sweep for TEST. Oh well, maybe next year?Anyway, congratula ...2011.06.26 09:10:00
- Sorting alone saved a lot of time, especially when you were hunting for a specific application, now ...2011.06.22 09:09:00
- Yup, EDK is spitting out the same issueKillmail ID:18917171 is malformed. Error: Victim has no ship ...2011.06.22 08:51:00
- My understanding is that currentTime indicates API time in relation to the cache, and not "database ...2011.06.22 08:19:00
- Dreddit gets like 5 applications per day. Its more than that. A lot more than that. ...2011.06.20 20:59:00
- Not quite. They charge the person that wants to be able to get any income for his 3rd part app a ...2011.06.15 18:16:00
- Edited by: Matalok on 06/06/2011 12:24:01And I see Dreddit were involved aswell.Lame...Everyone know ...2011.06.06 12:23:00
- Only CEOs can create corporation keys? Why not directors as well?Can't wait until EOH/Somer spot thi ...2011.05.26 18:32:00
- Someone whining more than TEST about The Orph?Unpossible. ...2011.04.11 16:20:00

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