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- I just want to point out that, the display problem I wrote about ealier in this thread did not have ...2010.02.17 14:48:00
- Edited by: Zaiyo Modi on 17/02/2010 14:45:51Using Opera 10, I had great difficulty starting the quic ...2010.02.16 17:57:00
- If so, then what? And why possibly, someone would want to buy bookmarks on some gate in xxx system, ...2010.02.13 21:59:00
- One can apparantly upload your own avatar image on the STO forums, which seem just silly. Imo this g ...2010.02.13 09:47:00
- For the last year or so in here in Norway, credit card users have had to start using the chip in the ...2010.02.13 09:28:00
- Edited by: Zaiyo Modi on 13/02/2010 09:05:32Sapphire Ati Radeon 5850, 1 GB (basic fan)Really quiet a ...2010.02.13 09:00:00
- Edited by: Zaiyo Modi on 13/02/2010 09:54:59Linkage to BBC articleApparantly (if I understood this c ...2010.02.13 08:41:00
- I think ccp has left the overview unexplored.And I do not understand why there is a limit to only 5 ...2010.02.12 10:44:00
- How about a "time to win" coulumn?You engage a ship and the server knowing everything, simply tell y ...2010.02.12 10:29:00
- An other, limited alternative, could be to develop an insta-semi-bookmark-tool.It would be a tool th ...2010.02.12 10:22:00
- Wouldn't that make the use of tactical safes ridiculously easy? Partially obsolete the use of CovOps ...2010.02.12 10:16:00
- Oh, I just found out that this idea is horribly bad!Remember the bookmark bonanza with warp to zero ...2010.02.12 10:11:00
- Peter Griffin aka Seth MacFarlane ...2010.02.12 09:56:00
- Edited by: Zaiyo Modi on 12/02/2010 10:11:31 I think OP should take this to the assemby hall and no ...2010.02.12 09:50:00
- Hrm the devs mentioned the Jove ppl. I was hoping they wouldn't be a playable race at any time in th ...2010.02.09 15:32:00

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