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- that kitsune might be kinda too strong compared to the others tbh, it can completely shut down the f ...2011.07.09 15:04:00
- truncated content ...2011.06.20 16:46:00
- Darkside ...2011.06.19 19:21:00
- More bids please! ...2011.05.16 21:11:00
- Up. Come on people, full high grade slave clone along with some +5's. Total PvP beast! ...2011.05.16 17:36:00
- Edited by: FellRaven on 15/05/2011 14:39:13 Edited by: FellRaven on 15/05/2011 14:38:02 Edited by: ...2011.05.15 16:46:00
- Is it me, or are we seeing the same suggestions over and over and over from people who never bothere ...2011.04.26 15:02:00
- truncated content ...2011.04.26 14:49:00
- mad·ness –noun 1. the state of being mad; insanity. 2. senseless folly: It is sheer madness to sp ...2011.04.25 00:37:00
- Why don't they allow the players to customize the color they want depending on the action? ...2011.04.24 11:33:00
- If you want more PvP get out of high sec. ...2011.04.24 11:29:00
- CCP hates people that live in wormholes. They have said before that they never intended for people t ...2011.04.24 04:52:00
- Because warp speed is always a major factor in PvP... Also you will lose ten times more of any othe ...2011.04.24 04:46:00
- There there... Dry those eyes and put your complaint in this thread and stop ****ting up the rest of ...2011.04.23 10:03:00
- Just not allow the tower to be able to go in reinforce mode if there is a super cap in the cooker.CS ...2011.04.22 10:10:00

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