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- I'd love to see a SINGLE pilot hold sovereignty to launch an outpost.While I was in an alliance (R ...2011.08.30 02:19:00
- Example: Here is a Hulk (Gallente) fleet fit I use in hisec with an Orca. Note the faction EM an ...2011.08.25 23:27:00
- Edited by: Joe Decreux on 23/08/2011 01:51:29 I would like to know a time scale on reaching the orc ...2011.08.23 02:49:00
- Edited by: Tandin on 23/08/2011 02:44:26 Edited by: Umad Bro Questionmark on 23/08/2011 01:04:35 ...2011.08.23 02:42:00
- You're driving in the car with your spouse and she asks to buy something and your response is: "I'll ...2011.08.22 21:47:00
- I-Index 1 = 1 Small Gravi Site I-Index 2 = 1 Small Gravi Site + 1 Moderate Site I-Index 3 = 1 Sm ...2011.08.22 21:24:00
- What type of ship were you in? which drones? And were you cloaked? ...2011.08.22 02:13:00
- These are faction spawns.. they're good money makers in 0.0 as their BS rats have decent drop rates ...2011.08.16 22:08:00
- The option I usually use is just to POS gun the offending guns into oblivion. ...2011.08.12 03:35:00
- Good morning, im LordAssasin, with the red alliance, and request a transport from 00 Scalding pass t ...2011.07.24 04:45:00
- You need a freighter to plant it, but you can build hubs in a station.I like how you keep speculat ...2011.07.24 04:33:00
- I'm assuming you're referring to shield boosters and local armor reps. This is what we call tanking ...2011.07.11 00:49:00
- Does the Coercer have any real use beyond a glorified mission running salvager?Of course it does.. y ...2011.07.10 21:05:00
- On the new account management page go to the game time dropdown at the top menu bar. Cancel Subscri ...2011.06.26 23:22:00
- When custom paint jobs come every ship I fly will be hot pink. Ask for a return of the old, pre-Tri ...2011.06.21 19:57:00

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