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- I work for myself, no one tells me when to do anything. I work at my own speed.I make my own mistak ...2009.10.23 20:56:00
- Hell its these numbers than scare me.I fire missiles and shoot ammo. Some hurts NPC more than other ...2009.10.19 20:23:00
- I feel Fine thanks :)I play mainly solo ...well if you ignore 2nd account.You can be solo and still ...2009.10.18 21:12:00
- I DID once get pod killed by NPC about 3 years back !I petitioned and was told is cant happen....the ...2009.05.15 12:57:00
- I have played for years, traded for years in EVE. I can read this news and marvel at one thing:-EVE ...2008.12.20 13:34:00
- I dont normally post on these forums ...oh ..yep why start now :) ...2008.09.02 19:54:00
- Edited by: OFFT on 16/08/2005 22:02:41 Range is always a winner :)I can do some lev4 in my HAC with ...2005.08.16 21:59:00
- HMM ...2005.08.16 21:05:00
- NO.After 2 years being an UBER Carebear.I dont see the need. ...2005.08.01 22:31:00
- I for one think the system is FUBAR.Still waiting for anything .... 116422.88 RP @ 155.52 A Day ...2005.07.28 16:26:00
- 5.2 if another char looks :)5.1 for me looking : 5.18391 And I am a ...2005.06.26 17:28:00
- I agree. OFFT Brand on an Item would be cool Link to original post by Freya Jones ...2005.06.25 07:45:00
- For ages I have spoken of OFFT BRAND.Known to a few OFFT BRAND missiles are known to flyer straighte ...2005.06.25 07:43:00
- I play for short and long term targets.I dont play for isk as such unless its needed.I play in the h ...2005.06.20 16:37:00
- Faction Frig ...2005.06.18 11:15:00

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