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- I for one welcome this, as it will give us less lag during fleet battles. So I encourage all carebea ...2008.02.14 04:39:00
- Basically, don't ever form a gang with anyone ever, because they can invite someone right when you d ...2008.02.12 23:01:00
- agree with op on this on, it looks like a bug. Unless of course CCP has changed the Caldari Navy int ...2008.02.12 08:57:00
- Edited by: Viper G on 12/02/2008 09:09:56 StuffSo what your really trying to say is that there is n ...2008.02.12 08:48:00
- Right now all of Iran has no internet. ...2008.02.02 09:56:00
- They just need a general boost. Boost Damage Boost Tanking Boost DDD. ...2008.01.12 22:04:00
- There are 3 easy solutions for the exploit. (pick your fav)The instant the covop ship shoots a targe ...2008.01.06 22:16:00
- All mmorpgs are like this. ...2007.12.29 04:46:00
- There is about 140 people in local and people are complaining about lag in local.I'm getting about 8 ...2007.12.29 04:39:00
- i would actually like it if cloaking could not be perma-ran. ie you can stay cloaked for 20-30 mins ...2007.12.24 08:40:00
- I'm pretty sure from now on I am going to send in video's instead of screenshots (only when a video ...2007.12.24 08:36:00
- if you go to your video card control panel in windows you can turn on vsync which should cap your fr ...2007.12.24 08:31:00
- sry for dragging this into offtopicback on topic ^^: how about the possibility to write your own sc ...2007.12.24 08:29:00
- The live dev blog said that they are removing all large/changed m3 items and replacing them with equ ...2007.12.24 07:58:00
- I haven't seen inflation, only prices of items getting cheaper and cheaper. But the scripts thing i ...2007.12.24 07:46:00

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