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- Edited by: Zulu Alpha on 14/12/2003 12:22:01 Urrgh! Having to do missions even though I hate them, ...2003.12.14 12:21:00
- Urghh! Being forced to do agent missions for standing! I did a couple of agent missions and they wer ...2003.11.13 13:33:00
- Gave up agent missions after my second mission.Far too boring. And it seemed that you have to do man ...2003.10.23 14:36:00
- I think that's the thing. It's the random nature of them that appeals. In Asheron's Call an MMORPG ...2003.10.06 10:00:00
- Edited by: Zulu Alpha on 03/10/2003 11:37:36 As far as I'm aware, currently the only thing that we ...2003.10.03 11:37:00
- As to how names are seen maybe under the chars name in the main screen when in flight or at least cl ...2003.10.03 11:25:00
- Edited by: Zulu Alpha on 03/10/2003 11:20:00 There was a question put to the devs a couple of month ...2003.10.03 11:16:00
- Strangely enough there is a theory that these actually exist out there in space. The only problem is ...2003.10.03 11:05:00
- Letting people name their own ships is a great idea. I can't seem to see other people's ships names ...2003.10.02 11:01:00
- How about items that give some major benefit but that can be only used once.For instance something t ...2003.10.02 10:56:00
- How about some wormholes. These would work be being one way trips from one system to another many ju ...2003.10.02 10:45:00
- TomB,AFAIC it's great news that you've been focussing on the bugs and fixes. Thanks and keep up the ...2003.10.01 09:29:00
- Wooo, this is scary. If the corp tax is on everything sold in station, it could seriously affect tra ...2003.09.29 09:30:00
- Edited by: Zulu Alpha on 29/09/2003 09:20:05 'Has the Bookmark mess been fixed as well? If so.. You ...2003.09.29 09:18:00
- I guess I was thinking of keeping it reasonably simple and basing it just on training points while t ...2003.09.25 11:55:00

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