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- The problem with the global warming as a topic is that people can't seem to discuss it without getti ...2011.09.03 07:35:00
- I don't think they can give us a direct answer, because if they are honest about the state of things ...2011.08.28 02:48:00
- It's not an acceptable way to speak publicly. We are not all a bunch of kids passing a joint around ...2011.08.08 15:42:00
- The problem is that DUST will ruin the FPS genre by being too amazing. It has the frightening potent ...2011.08.07 03:39:00
- My two ISK - this is a horrible idea. If EVE went F2P, it would completely throw away the community ...2011.08.06 07:44:00
- I would play an Eve mobile game. 1v1 ship battles, choose your ship, have x amount to spend on modul ...2011.08.05 20:32:00
- This is probably the wrong forum to post in, please move to the appropriate channel.Why not make thi ...2011.08.05 18:15:00
- Supported. Said very well. Thank you. ...2011.08.01 20:50:00
- I like the basic idea, but what is the harm in letting people buy them for their own character? You ...2011.08.01 20:30:00
- I think Russians have a right to play the game too. If you don't like their dominance, organize and ...2011.08.01 20:27:00
- I'm sorry you don't appreciate my admittedly weird sense of humor. TBH I don't plan on dictating or ...2011.08.01 20:25:00
- CCP should offer more ways to pay for exclusivity and status. If the number of people buying monocle ...2011.07.31 20:38:00
- While I like where this is going, there are three main issue that you didn't cover-Usually advertise ...2011.07.31 14:37:00
- I agree in that I don't find the NEX clothing appealing either, but I think there are actually a LOT ...2011.07.30 17:10:00
- Idea - CCP should forget about this NEX store silliness, and seek new revenue through third party ad ...2011.07.30 17:00:00

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