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- Thanks I'm online now and looking to pay for it, but they've chagned the char management page. if yo ...2011.07.15 07:27:00
- One for Sophia Serpentia please ...2011.07.15 07:14:00
- Well, of them aren't all that interesting. But they should be new. ...2011.06.16 19:14:00
- It's a lot of fun and a lot of good ISK. ...2011.06.13 19:17:00
- Ooooh, meta trolling, nifty. Trolling me in order to lie and claim I'm trolling. How very edgy. Of ...2011.04.27 23:28:00
- The characters that the goons play in EVE are not who they are in real life Beg to differ. Goons ...2011.04.26 08:04:00
- look at yourselvesHrm... I have valid points, I cite my claims, and I'm telling the truth and the o ...2011.04.26 07:50:00
- So what's the problem again?A combination of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and the prevalence of lead ...2011.04.17 22:46:00
- After I'm done with some more certification exams that end on Wednesday, I will happily transcribe t ...2011.04.17 21:35:00
- Please give a nsfw warning when linking to audio file of Mittani performing auto-fellatio.I did... ...2011.04.17 18:57:00
- Edited by: FinnAgain Zero on 17/04/2011 01:15:35 But as usual, I'll provide you enough rope to ha ...2011.04.17 01:06:00
- I'd be willing to sacrifice an ignore feature if we got an intelligence test that was required befor ...2011.04.16 21:43:00
- To anyone who’s seen other posts from zero regarding people who disagree with himNaturally, Windy i ...2011.04.16 06:03:00
- But as usual, I'll provide you enough rope to hang yourself. Assuming you're not lying and trollin ...2011.04.16 05:48:00
- long winded pseudo intellectual gibberishThis is Windy's standard lie when proven wrong on the facts ...2011.04.15 19:51:00

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