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- Edited by: Ragnarohk on 29/09/2009 20:07:41 Oh my, look what I found all the way down here... ...2009.09.29 20:07:00
- Oh my, what's this doing on the floor? Better dust it off and stick it back up.-Rag ...2009.06.17 21:35:00
- Awesome.I vote for them adventuring into a wormhole next!-Rag ...2009.05.10 17:46:00
- What? You still haven't signed up? Shame on you, think of all the fun you've missed out on.Don't wor ...2009.04.30 00:40:00
- Why aren't applying? I mean, right now?-Rag ...2009.04.06 18:57:00
- What's this doing all the way down here?A little update: We've left our alliance, and are once again ...2009.03.25 19:26:00
- We've already invited a couple of new people to join us, come on in!-Rag ...2009.03.08 19:02:00
- We also have a recruitment channel in case I'm working/out/drunk:Channel Name: SADES recruitment Pa ...2009.03.03 21:29:00
- Quite loosely! Schrodinger's RenegADES.It's a hard phrase to contract, y'know.-Rag ...2009.03.03 20:30:00
- Edited by: Ragnarohk on 08/03/2009 15:41:12 Hello there.Yes, we are looking for new talent to recru ...2009.03.03 19:50:00
- Sundays are a lazy day, so today I say only, 'bump'! -Rag ...2009.02.22 14:50:00
- Bump for the great marmite debate!-Rag ...2009.02.20 12:43:00
- Contrary to recent posts, this corporation isn't entirely marmite centric, we do other things too!Jo ...2009.02.18 13:33:00
- WINE: 2My corp is pretty linux heavy, I'd hate to lose that lot of the wine solution began to fail.- ...2009.02.09 19:42:00
- Looking for talent as always!-Rag ...2009.02.08 21:04:00

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