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- Depends what you fight to be honest.... Lots of cruisers dictates cruise missiles... a painter or 2 ...2006.11.14 19:30:00
- mmmm... a minmatar missile boat... very ingenious.I definitely could see it. 7.5% rof for cruise & ...2006.11.07 15:34:00
- I'll say this, if you stay and try and fight a long range af with a short range af, your gonna lose, ...2006.03.09 15:17:00
- hmmm, what about 7 shield power relay 2's in the lows, 3 shield extender 2's and an invul. 2 field i ...2006.03.03 21:01:00
- It's tuesday again and once again i have labs for the next 3 hours.So here is my questions for you a ...2006.01.31 14:26:00
- I dont klike the mobile industrial platform, thats what pos's are for. They refine and produce. Th ...2006.01.26 17:04:00
- Aren't the Tech 2 barges already asteroid genocide on wheels?You already have ships that can destroy ...2006.01.26 14:31:00
- shameless bump...Id like to get more ideas here please ...2006.01.25 22:10:00
- Edited by: Dirk Starjammer on 25/01/2006 22:09:39 Mining PlatformHas a mining mode, which requires ...2006.01.25 17:34:00

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