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- Well Incarna is out. •Well the Captain Courters are OK "cool gadgets" but not useful so bla. Howev ...2011.07.10 22:09:00
- I am new to the crew and we are having fun blasting our way into the core of our targets. To get to ...2011.06.28 14:19:00
- I am looking around for a good PVP & ISK earning team. I am s solution type person meaning I do not ...2010.09.11 21:29:00
- Station containers are limited you can not see into them from another station, you can’t label them ...2010.07.23 16:43:00
- I have been playing for over 1 year and these days I open EVE check my training and log off. To do ...2010.07.23 16:34:00
- While in a station I would like to see tabs in my items/ships so I can sort in to those tabs. Tabs I ...2010.07.23 15:55:00
- Hello Fellows, 7:15 am Pacific time I put in my password and it says would you like to update patc ...2010.05.26 14:18:00
- This is true Gallente is a drone race. But I believe they would have stolen a good Idea and added it ...2009.11.27 22:18:00
- Only allow the address to drop in the corp chat window then only friends will show up. I suppose you ...2009.11.27 22:07:00
- Think this is a great Idea. I would like to see it. It is nice to drop a link in the chat box of you ...2009.11.27 22:02:00
- Have you ever noticed that flying into the sun or bright space you can not tell if a module is act ...2009.11.27 21:46:00
- It seems CCP had evenhandedness in battleship selections, 3 for each Faction but when it came to dro ...2009.11.27 21:40:00
- I just want to do my mission and not be bothered by thugs. Maybe make 09 and 08 space thug free zone ...2009.11.11 19:03:00
- Deployable that can be sent out and retrieved that prevent looting of mission by pirates. ...2009.11.11 16:44:00
- Edited by: LLALA on 11/11/2009 18:49:30 Folder Tabs you can add and label as you will for in hanger ...2009.11.11 16:37:00

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