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- Anyone else get this? Seems like I have to re-login to the forum every hour or so. I would much pr ...2010.12.30 02:00:00
- I also had a bad experience with Shattered Crystal. They refused to sell to me because I'm from the ...2009.10.11 02:59:00
- I loaded up Eve today and IGB was working. ...2008.12.20 08:35:00
- The updating is just plain, vanilla HTTP. Nothing magical, nothing special, just port 80. What are ...2008.12.19 10:51:00
- Okay so here's a weird thing. If I VPN into work, then suddenly the IGB in Eve (and presumably auto ...2008.12.18 09:21:00
- I have no proxy setup in the Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections window. IE can browse the web ...2008.12.18 04:18:00
- Edited by: Ra''Vir on 17/12/2008 18:09:30 Eve no longer automatically downloads patches for me. It ...2008.12.17 18:07:00
- Premium Graphics version of Eve has never been stable for me. I tried it again recently hoping the ...2008.12.14 04:34:00
- If it stayed zoomed out, you'd never get to see your ship. ;) ...2007.03.29 02:27:00
- Okay, thanks. It didn't mention getting your original bet back on the rules page so I wasn't sure. ...2006.07.17 01:41:00
- Could you clarify something about the rules? In your example you state:"If your bet is 900K ISK, an ...2006.07.17 00:21:00
- This is why Eve rocks. CCP doesn't carebear the game up. =)That said, bad luck Melsion! Corporate ...2006.06.27 18:35:00
- Yup, all the Electronic Warfare modules are ineffective against drones.Also, when drone hitpoints we ...2006.06.26 15:01:00

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