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- And You THINK that the (Insert Country of choice)Sweatshops are ruining the game as it is? This sug ...2008.03.19 02:27:00
- Troll? Goon Alt? All of the Above?You decide.... Nope Didn't you know its **** Cheney! Yo Di ...2008.03.18 03:59:00
- Hi Karanth o/Let me guess, You must be a ARMOR TANKER Quit Whining and PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!! ...2008.03.18 03:55:00
- testing... ...2008.03.14 00:48:00
- They didn't want those battleships anyway.Besides, wasn't this planned at some BBQ I keep hearing ab ...2008.03.06 18:44:00
- Happy Birthday from all of us at Stronghold Corp. Ugg...I remember our First Birthday Party... Slip ...2008.03.06 03:58:00
- you know, we actualy had these kinds of reports back in 2003 when battleships were as rare as a mot ...2008.03.06 03:52:00
- This could have/should have been written in '03. Good effort nonetheless.Absolutely what I was think ...2008.03.06 01:22:00
- They wont talk to you until you burn that hatBut Tinfoil doesn't BURN ...2008.03.05 08:04:00
- Hi thereThis isnt flaimbait btw, i am simply asking a question here to the EVE public because VOTF d ...2008.02.15 04:48:00
- Just to clear up your question, Rogue, Account sharing is not permitted.The only way your brother ca ...2008.02.13 21:08:00
- Alowishus, Wouldn't the damage increase dramatically if the pilot had topped out Missle Skills? ...2008.02.13 09:19:00
- contact Crusari or Noobjuice to discuss details. We get the job done.I Personally Endorse this Don Z ...2008.02.09 07:49:00
- Seriously though... Start posting the systems t ...2008.02.05 00:59:00
- I restarted my account about 8 months ago, in preperation of Trinity, with hopes of enjoying the gam ...2008.02.03 09:08:00

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