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- Haha, that's great. Pedobear is now officially the most awesome meme ever. Way to go Pedobear! ...2010.09.14 08:30:00
- A lot of dogs eat poop.And they are still better then cats.... ...2010.09.14 04:48:00
- Bloodsport. ...2010.09.13 11:07:00
- Winos? ...2010.09.13 11:04:00
- "Canada has some of the highest rates of taxes on cigarettes and alcohol in the world."And it really ...2010.09.13 11:01:00
- What a clever fellow. I'd say he looked ****ed, but I think that's just the way his face is. He's ...2010.09.08 20:02:00
- Give it to Obama, he'll fix it. ...2010.09.05 14:04:00
- Not supported. On similar note, remove killmails.^^ Also this. ...2010.07.21 02:27:00
- I don't really understand why a need is felt for Shields to be on the same footing as Armour or vise ...2010.07.18 23:49:00
- Edited by: Jin Nib on 18/07/2010 23:01:36I did FW on the Amarr side, and there is no way to fix the ...2010.07.18 23:01:00
- Baseless nonsense... A troll? A clueless person? A player who's bitter that they invested time in ...2010.07.18 20:09:00
- Good try, troll.Not really, it was pretty abysmal in my opinion. ...2010.07.18 09:45:00
- Wat? ...2010.07.14 23:12:00
- I'd prefer they work on low sec as a whole personally. By necessity any fix to low sec also has a b ...2010.07.14 17:15:00
- You can set the NPC friendly militia corp to positive standing, or at least you used to b able to so ...2010.07.14 14:03:00

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