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- I haven't noticed any change in the mining yield of the fitted mining lasers...I for one support a s ...2009.12.02 11:24:00
- You should probably ask yourself why you want to open a corp in the first place. If you just want t ...2009.12.02 11:18:00
- and as always in Eve the smart prosper by use Plex,GTC to not pay extra $5 (even though CCP deserve ...2009.12.02 11:12:00
- Old mailbox was better!In which timeline? Certainly not in the one you posted this topic.I agree wit ...2009.12.02 10:40:00
- Given that these forums are probably going to be replaced with... uh... was it cosmos or something?. ...2009.12.02 10:35:00
- Edited by: Eradiani on 02/12/2009 06:33:02 yeah I know to me it definitely sounds like it's only on ...2009.12.02 08:58:00
- Edited by: Aya Sin on 01/12/2009 17:08:45 EVE Online requires d3dx9_35.dll and d3dx9_41.dll to be p ...2009.12.01 17:07:00
- because it may not be final yet It doesn't have to be. I doubt the art assets, sounds and music (wh ...2009.12.01 17:00:00
- In before some clueless comment like "ccp hasn't finalized the patch before the servers are up again ...2009.12.01 16:22:00
- Edited by: Aya Sin on 01/12/2009 15:01:38 Edited by: Aya Sin on 01/12/2009 14:58:07 For those runn ...2009.12.01 14:57:00
- I usually just create a contract for the ship. It'll open a confirmation popup listing everything in ...2009.12.01 13:23:00
- Simple, cap the camera distance at a couple of kilometers and add some 15x leadership skill to incre ...2009.11.30 21:35:00
- what about security risk? I assume it is possible to get files where mails are stored and get info f ...2009.11.30 20:35:00
- Go CCP, make EVE 2nd. WoW Clone! The amount of eyerolling you're causing any CCP employee who might ...2009.11.30 20:15:00
- Well, most people use containers for that purpose, but they aren't really a great solution either. ( ...2009.11.30 20:10:00

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