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- Better yet, let's just get rid of high sec altogether CONCORD? **** the police! Pigs always be opp ...2009.10.06 22:24:00
- Hai! I just want to say we still have vacancy. ...2009.10.06 21:35:00
- Is this true or was it just some troll on the Battleclinic Forums????This is the website that flames ...2009.10.06 21:07:00
- I approve of this miss posting as a new thread. ...2009.10.06 21:03:00
- I had some terrible insomnia over the spring. I saw a doctor about it but he wouldn't give me anyth ...2009.10.06 17:57:00
- Yeah? Well YOU'RE FIRED. Pack your stuff and GTFO!...So, about that mining op in Cistu tonight... ...2009.10.06 17:52:00
- Is it the one I'm in right now? Why haven't I heard of this before? The first rule of is you do not ...2009.10.06 17:46:00
- Edited by: Korovyov on 06/10/2009 17:42:34 Damn, that's how my slow week ended too.PROTIP: If you ...2009.10.06 17:42:00
- Its been a slow week at work. Gotta have something to do.When I had a slow week at work I got laid ...2009.10.06 17:39:00
- Wrangler!*swoon* ...2009.10.06 17:27:00
- I ACCIDENTALLY EPIC THREAD. IS THIS BAD? ...2009.10.06 17:10:00
- I wanted to say some randon Gallente corp....but then I thought "Hmmm...what about that "C" in YMCA? ...2009.10.06 14:13:00
- YMCA ticker belongs to ....tada, surprise.. The Village People corp ^^Only one member in it, so not ...2009.10.06 13:54:00
- The real question is which corp in EVE is the YMCA. ...2009.10.06 13:44:00
- Hey! I didn't want my posting rated. And shut-it Caldari scum. There's no need to feel down. Pick ...2009.10.06 13:40:00

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